11 device limit per routine

I submitted a ticket to support because my routines dont complete properly and sometimes the mode will not change. The response was to limit the items to 11? Isnt that a little, well, limiting?

For the Good Night! and Goodbye routines, because we’re controlling so many devices, we may be running in to an issue there. Could you split these in to parts, and limit it to 11 devices per routine, and let me know if that does the trick?

Is this a new limit? I have over 30 devices in a couple routine and they have run fine in the past.

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yeah me too I was put back a bit when I read this. I have about 125 devices and at night I like to make sure they are off. Thats a lot of routines if I limit it to 11.

By any chance were you timing out? There’s around a 20 Second maximum runtime for smart apps to keep any one app from hogging all the cloud resources. If your routines/smartapps do timeout it’s been standard advice for awhile that you break them up into pieces that can each complete more quickly.

I’ve noticed that Rules with 20 or 30 devices to turn off don’t work very well. I think the problem is that the app can run out of time. So limiting you to only do 11 makes sense from that perspective.

HaHa, use Rule Machine instead of Routines anyway! :grinning:


I just checked this myself…I think they mention 11 for safety…I turned off a lot more than that just now with a Good Night routine.

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By the way, you probably already thought of this, but you can daisychain these and still not run into the timing Max.

It’s a pain to set up, but once you have it set up you can initiate it with one start trigger.

Have the first rule/routine turn off 10 devices and turn on a virtual momentary switch, switch A.

Have the second rule/routine get triggered by switch A coming on. Have it turn off 10 more devices and turn on a virtual momentary switch, switch B.

Have the third rule/routine get triggered by switch B coming on. Have it turn off 10 more devices and turn on a virtual momentary switch, switch C. And so on.

Each rule will be evaluated independently for the timeout.

Again, a pain to set up, but it keeps everything grouped together without hitting the time limit.


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I’ve noticed that my sleep/routine in RM will sometimes not complete. Usually the past that doesn’t complete is the run rule actions for my Zwave thermostats… Actually it had gotten so bad that I have to double check the thermostats each night.

That is my largest rule

You can also do this in RM using private Boolean instead of more clutter from all of the virtual devices.


You can do this in Rule Machine without using any virtual switches at all. Each group of actions can be set up independently, say 10 things at most per group. Each of those groups can be given their own delay. Then one rule or trigger can run all of those from whatever stimulating event.


cant I just make a ton of rule is RM (I already have 70+) and just have them trigger when the routine runs?

we need either a web interface or a PC/Mac interface to do configuration and ST management. Doing all of this on my phone is a real PITA

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so I really need to delay them? If I have the routine run and use that as a trigger for say 6 rules can they all just trigger when the routine runs or do I have to delay them?

I believe this is more a ‘rule of thumb’ rather than a system limit. My ‘Good bye’ routine turns off every outlet and switch I have (probably over 50-60 devices) and it has been running daily, without failure, in over six months. The only time I ran into trouble, was if I tried adding cloud based devices. For cloud based devices even 11 is too much…

I have my MyQ garage door opener in the mix maybe that causing the issue. I know it causes all kinds of fun with my coming home and leaving routines. Maybe tomorrow I will go to lows and get a zWave controller for the garage door

Yes, I dropped mine about six months ago. In fact I don’t have any cloud to cloud devices included in any of my routines. I had too many issues with routines not completing because of hue bulbs, wemo devices, etc…Rule saved the day! I have several rules that are triggered by routines running.


what about your Harmony? I have my night routine set to turn it off but I guess I can rule it

Nada, zip, not a single cloud based device with my routines. Not even virtual switches. Only zigbee or zwave. My Good Night turns off the TV outlet. And Rule turns off the A/V activities plus the TV switch activity.

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Yes, you can do this. I’ve fine it with mist of my rules. I have one rule that is triggered by a motion sensor. That rule changes the Boolean of 8 other rules. Of those rules, the only ones that run are the ones that have all true conditions with the Boolean change. It works great for me and I’ve had zero problems from it.

I am almost 100% cloud based and running pretty damn good now.

Two local running rules out of 70+ rules.

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