$10 Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Button - WXKG11LM - Anyone get it to pair?

The standard method of pairing xiaomi devices is press-hold for the 3 flashes, then click every 2-3 secs until a second set of 3 flashes. Usually takes 6ish clicks.

Bonus tip: pair them right next to the hub. If they pair through a repeater, it’ll drop off after a few hours.

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When I press and hold the reset button, I don’t get three flashes, I get continuous flashing. It just starts blinking as long as I keep the button depressed.

The reset or just normal button? I think there’s a tiny reset button in a hole somewhere?

There is a large button on the front and then a tiny button on the side. I have been calling the side button the reset button (instructions aren’t in English). Do I have that wrong?

That’s correct. I couldn’t find pairing instructions online. You could try taking a picture of the instructions and using Google translate on it. :wink:

I don’t have an Aqara button, but I spent months working with, doing research on, and helping to improve the bspranger/Xiaomi device handlers on GitHub.

All of them work basically the same way:

Start pairing mode on your hub
Hold the Xiaomi device’s reset button and release as soon as you see any kind of LED flash
Wait and watch for the LED to flash again
3 rapid flashes indicates successful connection
1 long flash means unsuccessful

In either case the Xiaomi device needs to be kept awake to complete the pairing process. Do this by repeatedly short-pressing the reset button until either it shows up in your SmartThings app ready to rename, or you can find the “catchall” message in IDE - Hub - events


Well, sadly, I can’t get any of the three that I purchased to pair.

If anyone savvy thinks they can get it to work, I’ll give you one of mine (Canada / US only, to keep my shipping cost down).

I don’t mind trying and I can pair the original xiaomi button, even though I can read chinese I don’t expect there is any special instruction that comes with the palmphlet from the Xiaomi package, if you can take a photo of the instructions I can definitely have a look

There is a new Aqara Button model available: WXKG12LM. The original Aqara Button model is WXKG11LM. Check the bottom of yours to know which one you have.

The new WXKG12LM model supports:

  • single click (with separate press & release messages)
  • double click’
  • long press (i.e., hold)
  • shake (using an internal gyroscope sensor)

Because the messages sent by this new Aqara Button model are completely different than the original Aqara Button, any Aqara Button device handler will not work at all.

But I’ve ordered a couple of the new Aqara Button model will be helping to put together a device handler very soon.

EDIT: Here’s a webpage (on a Polish website through Google Translate) with detailed information about the new Aqara Button model.

Interestingly, I’ve purchased two more Xiaomi buttons of entirely different models/designs. Can’t get any of them to pair. Is there any chance the Zigbee on my ST hub isn’t working or enabled?

I wish this stuff was ZWave. I have no trouble with ZWave, but I’ve never had great luck with Zigbee. Returned a Zigbee light to Home Depot last year because it was so unreliable.

Zigbee range is 1/2 of what z-wave is, and zigbee is also on the same bandwidth as 2.4GHz wifi, so it’s important to use a channel that doesn’t overlap with your wifi router. Xiaomi devices usually need the following to pair: set hub to search for devices, long press (10+ seconds) to reset, should short flash 3 times indicating pairing mode, then press the button every 2-3 seconds until you get two short flashes. Some devices have different responses though, so check the manual. Google translate on a picture of the manual works well enough usually.

When I try to add a device, the event log seems to suggest that it’s just searching for ZWave devices:

2018-03-24 12:11:56.815 PM PDT
moments ago HUB zwStatus include search Z-Wave include search started

Does this mean I’m somehow searching only for ZWave, not Zigbee?

Sorry to hear you’re not having good luck with these. However I have dozens of Xiaomi devices now, just received a delivery of two more - the new Aqara Button model WXKG12LM that I mentioned, and although some devices take a number of attempts, I have been able to pair every single one to my SmartThings v2 hub. So I know it’s entirely possible to get them connected and working.

I don’t see any mention of which kind of SmartThings hub you’re using. Is it a v1 hub, v2 hub, a SmartThings Link for NVIDIA Shield, or another type of SmartThings hub device?

I ask because some SmartThings hub devices do not seem to work with Xiaomi devices. For example, I originally purchased a SmartThings Link for NVIDIA Shield, and although I could pair them, the 10 Xiaomi devices I had at the time would never stay connected for more than 60 minutes. With my v2 hub, they pair and have stayed connected for months, even when placed at distances of up to 25ft away from the hub.

Also, what are the model numbers of the two Xiaomi buttons you purchased? If I know that, I could walk you through the exact pairing process, assuming you have a type of SmartThings hub which is known to be compatible.

I have a smartthings V2 hub.

The buttons I have tried are:

Hi. Did you ever get this working?

Yes, and I updated the device handler to work with both the new revision of model WXKG11LM and also model WXKG12LM (which I own):

The beta device handler version is currently v1.3.5b, and here is my post with release notes on that update:

I am currently working on yet another update that is intended bring compatibility with the next Hub firmware update, v25.x.

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At $15, the SmartHome button is pretty hard to beat in terms of value. It pairs easily too!

How did you get it working please?

NOTE: All Xiaomi / Aqara wireless button users

Hub Firmware 25.26 was released for SmartThings v2 & v3 Hubs in March 2019

The new firmware includes changes that “break” some functionality in the previous device handlers, but also allows for much improved functionality.

In order to fix the issues and add improved functionality, I have updated all Xiaomi / Aqara Button device handlers (DTHs). All SmartThings v2 & v3 Hub users are encouraged update to the newest DTHs immediately.

Please see this post for all details and links to the updated DTHs.

Hi veeceeoh,
i have added the WXKG12LM switch to the smartthings but it does not response to my press
i uses the dth for the switch accordingly and could not get it to work. using a v3 hub.

did i miss anything