ZXT-120 No working hardware (Fixed)

Hi, I have a ZXT-120 IR Sender but was not working correctly, it cant update the minisplit code and no response from the device, the sensor was detected by smartthings but no temp or data was updated.

After open the device and search by some cold solder, I did not find any problem,

The problem in my device was the push button, it was stuck in push position internally , when the device was connected to power the light flashed twice after 10 second without press anything.

Smartthings detect the device, but no command works because the button still was pressed

After try some hard press in the button, it was released and now is working fine.

If someone have problems with this sensor verify if the push button is not stuck.

if you connect the power and the light flash twice after 10 seconds then your push button is stuck.