ZXT-120 (IR Thermostat) and GD00Z-4 (Garage Controller) I don't need anymore, anyone interested in buying?

I have 2 ZXT-120 IR Sending Thermostats I no longer need as well as a GD00Z-4 Garage Door controller I no longer need. I figure I will offer to folks here first. I hope this post is allowed. If I am not supposed to do this here mods delete and let me know. I did read the welcome rules again to check and didn’t see any restrictions.

If anyone is interested in purchasing PM me.

They are in perfect working condition.
$52 each - ($100 for both) - Shipped anywhere in the US. (Go for about $73 on amazon)

$56 Shipped anywhere in the US.
(Goes for $100 on amazon, 79.99 at lowes for -1 version)

UPDATED: With new prices including shipping. Someone pointed out Lowes version of Garage Door opener is $80 so I changed price to include shipping.

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