"zwSwitchStatusLockout" hub event - what does that mean?

Anyone know what causes that message? We’ve not used that device this AM but this event showed up in the hub’s logs this morning:

@nayelyz , this is the first time I’ve ever seen this message. Any insights that ST can provide?

EDIT. FWIW, things are running extremely slow controlling devices via the app or Alexa voice. Not a great start to the day…

Hi @johnconstantelo

This is not new, I think.
This error happened to me frequently in the Aeotec gen5 siren, which is quite far from the Hub and from time to time it changed its Zwave route to the hub and until it finds a stable route it leaves daily.
Sometimes with a Zwave repair it also gave an error constantly, but after a short time it fixed itself.
It’s been more than 7 days without it showing up! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Interesting, thanks for that info. My Zwave mesh is super small compared to my ZIgbee mesh, and I haven’t run a zwave repair in so long that I forgot when I did it last.

Compared to others, my stability has greatly improved over the last couple weeks with hardly any issues at all, so when I saw this I was a little concerned. Thanks for the reply.


Hi, @johnconstantelo!

Is this device using a Driver or DTH?

I haven’t seen this error before but I’ll ask the team to see if they know something else. But, are you having connection issues with that specific device?

Hi @nayelyz ! It’s still using the DTH called “Z-Wave Fan Controller”.

It’s been reported multiple times in the past, sometimes with a whole bunch of zwave devices at once. It means the device is not responding to polls, but there are a number of different things that can cause that.

Here’s one old discussion from 2019:

Telguard GDC1 Issue

Sometimes it means that a repeater device somewhere on your Network has failed so other devices are now unreachable.

Sometimes it means that your network is being flooded with messages and individual messages Can’t get through. That can be runaway polling or an energy reporting device or a device that is about to fail or a platform error.

We don’t really have sufficient tools in a smartthings environment to diagnose it, though you can try trial and error with individually powering off different devices and running a zwave repair and seeing what comes up. Or you can just report it to support and let them look at it from their side. :thinking:

(Didn’t you run into this a couple of years ago with your original GE zwave switches right before you switched them out for Zigbee models? Or am I misremembering?)

Hi @JDRoberts sorry for the delay, work is getting a little busy at the moment.

I saw that discussion too, but I was hoping for more info from ST. I’ve not had that particular event before, but certainly others.

I did do a Zwave repair, and ironically the device I mentioned above failed. I just reran a repair and this time it was perfect, no errors (but my mesh is tiny!) and fast too:

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