ZWave use with extension cord

I have a projector in the ceiling and am looking to connect to ST away from the outlet. Would a Z-Wave (FS20Z) relay in the middle of the extension cord work? If so, what is the proper connection? Thanks in advance.

An extension cord should never be run inside an enclosed wall or ceiling. Proper plenum rated 120v romex or whatever the appropriate specification should be used. If you are not enclosed, then might as well just use a plain Z-Wave Appliance outlet, no?

Regardless, using full power cut to the projector is also inadvisable, as it will cut power to the cooldown fan when you shut it off. Improper cooling will shorten the life of multiple components.

I control my Epson Projector over the RS-232 port (some have WiFi or Ethernet ports now too), using an Arduino with SmartThings ZigBee Developer’s shield. The shield is no longer available, so you’d have to use WiFi or XBee or some other way to signal the Arduino.

The RS-232 messages are simple: Literally ASCII text “on, on, on” and “off, off, off”… and I also included 2 mode change options “mode: cinema”, “mode living room” as virtual buttons in my SmartThings DTH.

Or you could use various Infrared (IR) transmitter devices (Logitech Harmony? …) that can be interfaced to SmartThings - if the projector has a plain old IR remote.


100% this!

If you do not like your home, your home insurance and your projector, then this is (literally) a sure fire (pun intended) way to go. As Terry said, do not do this, it will only end badly.

I control my projectors with Logitech Harmony (IR).