Zwave tweaker and GE dimmer

I purchased a couple GE dimmers 46203.

I have the newer smartthings app installed. I tried to install the zwave tweaker

I am able to install the handler just fine. When I go into device I choos the switch I want to modify. This happens to be a Kitchen light. I click edit. Then under “types” I change it to zwave tweaker. I click update and it says updated succesfully.

Now from what I have read I should be able to go into the smartthings app choose kitchen light and the panel should be the zwave tweaker panel. What I get is the normal dimmer panel but now broken clouds where the “on” and “dimmer” would be.

What I’d like to do is change it so a double tap controls another light. What am I doing wrong if anything?

I believe this will only work with the Classic app.

Is this what you’re trying to do:

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I was trying it with the new app. I can try logging back into the classic app. I believe the link you provided is what I am trying to do.

Double click up and turn on a different light. Supposedly it communicates directly with the other light and doesnt go through the hub. I’d also like to make one “dimmer” switch a “regular” switch.

I was able to get the double tap feature to work with this. It also did work with the new app. Thanks for the help

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