ZWave troubleshooting

Along the lines of ZWave troubleshooting, does anyone know of a way to see verbose style debugs of ZWave traffic? Looking for the ability to see all communications to and from a given device. Maybe like a tcpdump for ZWave.

I’ve tried to do something like this with a device-handler in the parse function but I can’t seem to get anything going.

@michael_bell: Perhaps the SmartThings Z-Wave utilities reference might help. There are some lower level methods available than parse().

But we are essentially locked out of the raw data stream (the hub has a telnet interface with a password we are not given; and … well, JTAG?).

why isn’t the information posted on how to remove devices? I’m finding a lot of the procedures that I would think are standard are listed on this site as “contact support” I’m pulling my hair out trying to get devices to work. Things get added that I have no clue what they are… then when I do get to the “identifying” part it just hangs. I have no instructions for the system other than the cardboard card that came with it. Is support willing to walk through situations? I’m just afraid the “open source” clause means figure it out yourself… which I’m trying to do… but keep getting referred back to support :frowning:
Emailing them, but after trying to research for the past 2 hours I’m frustrated lol

UPDATE!!! I just searched for the IDE… and the clouds opened… and the angels started to sing… and I almost spiked my hub in celebration!!! Now to figure this out <3 <3 <3