ZWAVE TOOLBOX: third party diagnostic tool

Yes, you got it. First step is to convert the ST node Id from hex to decimal of the device you want to monitor so you know what to search for in the log.

Also, don’t let the packet analyzer run for hours as l partially bricked my ZWTB once (storage full) and had to have them fix it. They may have addressed this issue but be cautious just in case.

Mine has been great, and the price is lower now. $149

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An awesome article that all zwavers should read is here:


This seems to be working. Does seem to be pretty consistent routing.
Thanks for your help.


For a lot less money, you can just buy a RaZberry2 controller and use the Z-way-server Expert ( you can even turn off everything but Expert if you want too).
I believe it has all of the same functionality ( at one point, I thought the Toolbox was just a rebranded z-way-server but I am not so sure that is the case anymore ). Looking through the Toolbox manual I don’t see anything that doesn’t exist in Expert.

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Interesting, never heard of it but I will certainly look into it. Does it also run on an Odroid C2 (I prefer it over Raspberry due to better specs regardless of whether they are needed or now for this specific use).

I have no idea if it works with Odroid.
Z-way-server is a good debugging tool and it has excellent z-wave compatibility ( ST is a better home platform ), I have their board on an older Raspberry PI and it has zero issues keeping up ( I also have an external antenna installed, so its range is a bit better ).
I think I have seen people turn the board into a serial device to use on other platforms, but I don’t believe that this is done widely.

2019 Update: The user manual for the Zwave Products Toolbox has been updated and now has more examples and information. It would be a good idea to take a look at this before buying so you understand how it’s typically used. I would look at the workflow example for finding a good spot for a repeater.

If that workflow makes sense to you, you will probably be able to get good use out of this product. If it all seems very confusing and you have a bunch of questions, this may not be a product you’ll be able to use.

Remember that this product is intended for professional installers, not end-users. It’s not going to teach you about Z wave or radio transmissions. It’s not going to tell you when you should use it or why. But it’s a good tool for doing field tech work if you’re frustrated by the lack of mapping tools in smartthings. :sunglasses: