Zwave switch that always supplies power for devices like Hue lights?

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Regarding repeaters, as long as the device is capable of repeating, is paired to the hub, and is mains-powered, it should still repeat. It doesn’t care if it’s controlling a load of not.

The following more recent topic should be helpful for your other questions:

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Yes, I know it’s old, however, the equipment etc. are all pretty much the same at the moment.

The linked topic didn’t really seem to specifically answer my questions…I did see some of the same questions. But my take-aways are:

  1. Yes, it’s safe to wire line to load.
  2. Yes.
  3. Not definitively.

Usually, but we should also note that while code does allow this in most US jurisdictions, there are a few where you are required to have a switch that controls the fixture’s current directly. These are places where officials are concerned that people will turn off the switch, assume they’ve turned off the current, start removing a ceiling fixture, and electrocute themselves. So you should always check your local jurisdiction’s code before bypassing the switch

I live in Chicago.

I think I’ve found the pertinent site, but I’ve got no clue where the key information is…when you have a few minutes, can you provide any pointers (key words) for me to find the right “code/requirement”?