Zwave switch "offline" but still works (since last outage)

Since one of the last outages I’ve been having an issue with one of my Jasco Zwave Plus switches. It appears “offline” but still responds (sometimes with a bit of a delay).

Every time I try a zwave repair I get could not delete old routes, and could not assign new route.

Nothing has moved or changed, no new devices added or removed. I feel like this has happened before and usually resolves itself after a day or to. But being this is an outdoor light and I use heavily in automation, it’s kinda annoying.

@scoob8000 This has happened to me before with tasmota plug sockets. I recommend you cut power to the switch for 60 seconds (trip the circuit breaker). This works for me with my tasmota plugs. Smartthings basically fails to see that a device has gone back online.

Until you fix that Zwave mesh issue, that’s going to continue I’m afraid. Are there any nearby repeaters? Have you tried to exclude / re-add? (yes I know, painful, especially with the fact that excluding will delete automations this switch is in.)

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And magically after a day or two, this device is working normally again. I tried flipping the breaker, repair, rebooting hub, nothing worked. I was reluctant to remove and re-add the device since this has happened before and fixed itself.

The past time or two it’s happened (different devices) was after an ST outage of some sorts.