Zwave Roller Blind Control

I have an 8-foot exterior roller door that i want to control via Zwave or ZigBee. I currently have a 3 position rocker switch that has up/down with off in the middle. If you move the switch up or down, and leave it in that postion, the door will always fully open or close, then stop. I’ve looked at the Ribaro FGR222 but it’s not available for North America. Can anyone recommend a solution, or is there a zwave/zigbee wall switch that could get this done?

This is the kind of door that rolls up inside of a tube?

Yes, exactly

With a little effort, and some innovative thought, you could use FortrezZ’s MIMO2+:

You can use the typical Linear garage door device and this type of sensor for the door with some modification maybe:

Hey there,

Did you ever find a solution? I am looking to do basically the same thing. Preferably something that works with IFTTT.