ZWave PLUS switches from GE/Jasco- Indicator LED color

I just got of the phone with GE/Jasco customer support, they said the PLUS switches use GREEN indicator LEDs, while the non-plus switches use Blue LEDs. Can anyone confirm/deny the indicator color on PLUS switches? Agent sounded tentative, but then assured me what he said was accurate.

Read the FAQ on ZWave Plus and definitely sounds the way to go, if possible.


This is the new GE Z-Wave Plus paddle dimmer (14294):

From the PDF manual:

• Blue LED indicates switch location in a dark room

The pic on the Z-Wave Alliance page looks pretty blue as well.

My zwave plus paddle dimmer is definitely blue.

Don’t get too excited. I received my first GE Zwave Plus switch this week and I’m ready to give up for a while. I can’t help but think it needs a totally new driver and that’s just beyond me. When I installed it like every other switch it connected and works fine (sort of) on its own. I can turn it on and off with the phone app etc and manually. The problems I’m seeing are that it shows the light as on in the mobile app when it’s not on. It also fails to act as a trigger for Smart Lighting etc… I installed it to control several zwave connected devices in my back yard from a single switch. If anyone has successfully installed one and has it working correctly please let me know ASAP so I can return it of it’s faulty.