Zwave plus GE Jasco Lightswitch On Off 1st attempt

I have probably 13 of these switches throughout the house

I have 2 of them side by side in the garage
1 controls front patio lights
1 controls lights inside the garage (recently installed)

I noticed that the garage lighting will NOT Turn on at the 1st attempt. 2nd attempt will turn the switch On
Same goes with turning Off the switch

On the Other switch that controls the front patio lights, I don’t have these issues .

I checked IDE and the switch looks fine, connected, and online.
Could it be a bad switch?
Any help / recommendations is appreciated

Have you tried running z-wave repair?

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yea many times

I have an extra Zwave plus switch not being used. I was thinking of swapping them out.

What’s the model number?

What DTH are you using?

Are you sure you have the double tap parameters set correctly?

DTH? I setup the switch through SmartThings app
Just straight On/Off. No automations setup
I don’t have any double tap parameters setup.

Could be. I would contact Jasco support and talk to them.


I highly doubt it’s related, but I see you have “switch” listed twice under Current States. A lot of my devices show that in the IDE as well.

I rarely use the garage lights. Installed the zwave switch to control the lighting when i am away. Lighting on a timer etc etc

I do have an extra Zwave switch I can swapout to see if the same thing occurs. Just thought I would ask here in the forum with you experienced advanced users prior.

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Before replacing the switch, can you kill power to it at the breaker and does it help?

Yea i will try that as well
Just seems odd that it doesn’t trigger on the 1st attempt.

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I just got home from being out of town. To troubleshoot this some more

It turns out…
It Does Yes turn On and Off the Lights on the first press.

It DOES NOT update the icon on the app to indicate that the light is ON or Off unless I press the selection the 2nd time.

In the Classic app i have a refresh icon that I can press to update the status. The New App does not have a refresh icon

So riddle me this batman.
Why doesn’t my Icon update the status on the 1st press of the switch? Only on the 2nd press the status will update.

Thankyou in advance

Classic app above has a Refresh tab

Further testing of the Status Update of the switch

  1. Yes the Switch Turns On or Off on the First Press however the Status will not update.
  2. Status of the switch will update on the 2nd press
  3. If switch is left only on the 1st press. The status of the switch will update itself 10-15 minutes later
  4. In Classic App I can press the REFRESH tab in the switch and the status will immediately update
  5. I have pulled out the Air Gap tab on the Jasco GE Enbrighten switch for 24 hours to see if anything changes. No changes occur and the switch operates as indicated above

Can anyone give any insight why this switch does this?
All my other switches are the same make and model and they operate perfectly with the status of the switch if On or Off

My apologies if this post is confusing

Did you get a chance to talk to Jasco support or were they closed for the weekend?

It sounds like either a defective device or a parameter setting. In either case, they would know.

Problem fixed
Yes i contacted Jasco Support

They recommended doing a switch Reset.
3 presses UP / 3 presses Down
Blue Led should blink 3x

The switch should already be deleted in SM by doing this process

Re-Add switch to SM

Problem fixed and the switch UPDATES immediately

*pulling the airgap plug out does NOT help