Zwave paddle addon switch compatibility wih zigbee smart switch?

Im planning to but a couple of switches for my house, but I have this big question.

I would like to buy a smart paddle switch but it uses a zigbee protocol, and also want to turn off the ligths from a second location with an addon switch, however the addon swicth uses a zwave protocol.

The question is, are these devices compatible?? Ie, can I install the zigbee smart switch and pair it with a zwave addon switch??

Thanks in advance

What add-on switch are you considering? TMK, add-on switches don’t use any rf-based protocol; they communicate with the “master” smart switch via the traveler wire.

The GE add-on switches work the same way. Also yes through ST zigbee remotes and switches can control zwave devices and zwave remotes and switches can control zigbee devices

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TMK = To my Knowledge :smile:

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Normally, no, you can not control a Z-Wave device with a ZigBee switch without SmartThings. That is what SmartThings is all about it bridges several protocols together with its cloud integration. So the answer is yes with SmartThings and maybe a custom SmartApp.

Now that you’ve been given almost every possible answer, I’ll complete the set:

It depends on the specific models you considering.

In most cases, an auxiliary switch will only be able to communucate directly with the master it was designed to work with. That’s because there are different ways of doing this kind of communication, and they need to match.

On the other hand, if the auxiliary is actually just communicating to the hub and the hub is passing the message along to the master switch, then you have a lot more choices.

It’s entirely possible to create a set up where you have a Z wave switch sending messages to the SmartThings hub which then sends them to a zigbee switch, or vice a versa.

If the switches are directly wired together using traveler wires, then the radio frequency being used may not matter at all, but it will depend on whether the traveler wire set ups are compatible.

If the two switches are expected to communicate directly via radio frequency, then they do have to be on the same protocol and they may additionally have to be of the same brand.

So, it just depends. There are setups using a SmartThings hub that have switches of different protocols in the same virtual three-way. There are other set ups which require specific models or the three-way won’t work.


thanks for the answers!!
You solved my doubt