Zwave outdoor keypad

I’ve seen a lot of posts on this, but none in the past few years, so hoping to ask the question again with new answers.

I have a gate that I am hooking up to be open and closed via zwave controllers. I’d like to have a keypad outside near it that a person could punch in a code to enter the gate…just like you can for a garage door.

Anyone know of a zwave keypad that could be mounted outside???

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

That said, the only keypads I know that are up to outdoor weather conditions are the ones made for door locks. Even if you’re not going to use the lock part, it’s likely easiest just to mount the keypad in a way that it’s available for use on the gate.

but if you’re willing to put the device in a protective box, the keypad made for the ring alarm system in the US is zwave, and there is a good custom edge driver that works with it. It’s not available in other countries, though.

There’s a good video from earlier this year, explaining how to use it with smartthings:

We should also ask what’s the distance from the gate to the nearest Z wave repeater? Early generations of Z wave were not use much for outdoor devices because the messaging protocol they use can get lost in high humidity conditions. The Zigbee profile that smartthings uses doesn’t have that issue, which is why most of the outdoor devices you’ll find that work easily with smartthings are using Zigbee instead of Z wave.

This issue will be fixed with the 800 series Z wave, but that’s not available yet.

And as far as Zigbee, it’s the same as zwave: I don’t know of any standalone outdoor keypads. There is an Xfinity zigbee keypad that used to be popular, but I don’t know if there’s an edge driver for it, yet, and again, you might need to put it in a protective box. :thinking:

Thanks! Yeah, I’d prefer not do a keypad in a protective box.

Distance…not far straight line. It would be through stucco, but straight line to nearest repeater…like 10ft.

I could be convinced to so a push button/toggle switch rather than keypad for the “exit” feature of the gate. (still would need to sort the entry dilema) Would want it somewhat inconspicuous. Something like a waterproof zwave doorbell switch. Hmmmmm

Stucco is usually a signal killer. (in addition to its own blocking properties, it’s usually applied over chicken wire lath.) Probably not going to get any signal through that. it’ll likely have to come through a window. :window:

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