Zwave On/Off switch for fan

I have a ceiling fan that I have two physical switches, one for the lights, and one for the fan motor. Can I get this mini module in order to be able to control the switch from ST:

I have looked into it and I think I can but I wanted to get a direct response. I also see some people mention that the switch has a delay. Is this true? I would like to be able to use ST to turn it on and off with routines, switches, etc but also be able to use the physical switch and then have ST see that the physical switch either turned it off or on. Does the mini module have this functionality and able to have ST see that the physical switch did something right away?

With that said, I also have an exhaust fan with a separate light in my bathroom that are controlled by the same physical switch. Can I use that module in order to make my switch a smart switch? My plan is to use a motion sensor to automatically turn on that switch. I cannot get a smart light since I am also looking to control the exhaust fan.

Yea, I have like 30 of these, it will work fine.
Out of the box the aeons have a bit of a reporting delay, not the devices fault.
Use this custom device type, and your world will be a happy place…

Thanks for the link.