ZWave Not Functioning?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I’m looking at my hub in the API and it shows this:

Z-Wave State: Not functional

Yet my devices appear to be working just fine?

Any thoughts, besides maybe resetting the hub of course…

Also - can you have multiple hubs in a house or property? Example; I have a barn with ethernet run to it - can I put a hub there and it talks to the same devices (if they’re out of reach from the house?)

You can have two hubs on your account, but each one counts as a separate “location” and can only talk to its own devices. They can’t each talk to the same device.

See the “how to automate an outbuilding” article in the community – created wiki for more discussion of that topic:

As far as the Z wave not operational issue you’ll need to contact support on that one.