Zwave Network Issues with LifeShield Home Security

I have been using the Lifeshield security system for a while and Smarthings for about 2 years. In the last month Lifeshield said they are forcing me to upgrade to their “new” S30 platform. It was great as they sent me full replacement of all sensors and devices for free. After implementing this my Smartthings Zwave network became completely non functional. I could not control, pair, repair or access anything. After MANY hours of troubleshooting Zwave devices on the Smartthings side (there is no zwave enablement on LS), as a test I powered off the Lifeshield devices and repeaters – everything on the Smartthings Zwave network started functioning fine. There is a conflict which is consistent.

I have been in contact with Lifeshield support and they are looking into it, but it has been a couple of weeks and they have not given any detailed response yet. I know Lifeshield is part of DirectTV and also ATT so I am not sure if other systems by those companies might also be effected.

This could be a temporary issue - maybe some bad devices on their side, but for now this is a problem that I wanted to alert the community on - hopefully I can save someone the many hours of frustration and troubleshooting.

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I opened a support ticket with Lifeshield and they sent me “updated” communications repeaters. When I installed these they didn’t seem to conflict with the zwave network - problem solved.

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thanks for the info

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@drdome Paul any chance you can share the model number for the devices they sent you? I’ve having the same issue with my LifeShield and Z wave devices and Lifeshield is being a little difficult, which is odd because I’ve always had good experiences with their support. Thanks

I only have the replacement ones. From the box – model SPR1R0-28. The board says - 57-0052-02 Rev A04 and 57-0052-02 Rev E. I am not sure if it was a HW change or they just flashed it with a different firmware.