Zwave light switch unavailable

Hey guys having an issue with just one switch, keeps saying it’s unavailable, zwave repair fails, i reset the hub, switch itself works turns on and off, what else can I do to it online?

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What brand/model of switch ? It makes a difference on how you reset it.
Nothing you can do online.
You need to reset the switch, doing a general Z-wave exclusion. Then go into the app , select the switch and click replace. Once app says ready put the switch into inclusion mode, wait for ST to find it again. Doing it this way it will be included with the same name and in all your current automations.

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I got the same issue with multiple GE ZWAVE switches failing in ST at the same time… Tried a ZWAVE repair, did not help

Issue disappears after a while and then comes back a few hours later, making all my automations fail.

not sure if there is an easy way to fix it or wait for the 17.x upgrade before i reset the zwave network and re-add all my 50+ devices again…

Mine also is the ge zwave switch

A bunch of my GE switches were showing as unavailable in the smartthings app . When I had Alexa turn them on they instantly became available again. Strange?

I saw the same issue pop up on my set up since yesterday. Never seen this before. I wonder if it is something that is triggered from ST’s side? Has anyone opened a ticket with support?

I had more than a dozen devices go offline yesterday but they were all battery-powered Zigbee contacts, motion sensors, and a leak detector. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

Something is funky going on. I have random z-wave devices doing this since the firmware upgrade. I did open a ticket.

I did here is what they said, let me know if it works I’m at work and haven’t tried yet

Thanks for reaching out!
A z-wave network repair I’m afraid isn’t going to fix this switch. It’s not a bad step to try, but generally it’s reserved for re-structuring communication paths between all z-wave devices.
Here’s what I’m thinking we do to bring that switch back online:
put the Hub in Join mode, head to My Home > Things > tap Add a Thing
With the spinning circle in the app, head over to the switch and do the join procedure on it (probably just an on and off)
There won’t be any notification in the app of a new device, but you can back out of the join mode and try controlling the switch again from the My Home > Things page.

If you still aren’t able to control the switch, we’re looking at removing and re-adding it. You’d remove the switch from SmartThings, exclude it, and then re-add it.
Please let me know if the first steps don’t work, and we’ll go from there!

i have a lot of GE Zwave devices as well and got the same issue yesterday. I ended up going to my ios app, then right bottom corner pressed “More” then on the new page there is a section Additional Features and selected Device health to “off”.
That solved the problem immediately


I have sort of the same problem. Smartthings says unavailable, but Alexa controls it through SmartThings just fine.

I had same issue. Updating device in IDE fixes the issue. Just open device and click update, do not change anything.

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Just turn off the device health in the app for now if you have your devices automated. Seem to work for me.

I’ve been having this problem for a week but the st app wasn’t aware (they showed offline in echo though, as they still do)

I think the firmware update did it, and really hope it’s fixed soon

I’ve turned off device health, it says it’s online now but can’t control the switch still thru the app

Reset the device…

I had the same problem. I tried everything from the ST interface, but had no luck. My issue came about after installing several more switches. Then the device became unavailable. What solved it for me was resetting the device by taking it out of the wall and removing the power; the neutral wire. Once I “reset” the device it has been working without issue.

Hope this helps.

Once a network problem occurs with a GE zwave switch, you often have to do a hard reset by cutting power at the circuit breaker and then restoring it. Not just using the air-gap. This is the only brand I know of that has this problem. Obviously you could get the same effect by removing the neutral and reattaching it.

Doesn’t mean that has anything to do with what caused the original problem that you’re seeing, but it is something to know if you have GE switches and you run into a problem that then you don’t seem to be able to fix.

It’s not just the GE switches. I have 3 different brands of Zwave switches including GE and i saw this issue with all of them randomly.

First it happened with a GE switch which had automation. The automation worked fine but i was not able to control it via the phone. When i excluded the switch and readded it back again it worked fine.

I started seeing different brand of switch unavailable now and turned off “Device health” as suggested above. and did a refresh and my switches are working good again.

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To clarify, I’m not saying that only GE switches have the original offline problem, just that sometimes GE switches require a hard reset that the other brands don’t after a problem occurs.

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This is very true. I have many z-wave switches but GE/Jasco is the only brand that required a hard reset to add it back most of the time. With unavailable issue we are having and GE/Jasco random drop-off. It’s very confusing so I usually do a replace with GE.