Zwave light Switch recomendations

Hello Hi all
I am adding more Zwave Light switches and would like some feedback. Which brand zwave light switches have the least pairing issues with the ST Hub ?
My existing switches are Enbrighten, Jasco, GE, and Ultra Pro (amazon brand)
I bring this up because of the transition to Edge drivers and am not sure if customers had issues with their Zwave light switches during that transition. I am currently using ST V2 Hub.
I appreciate everyone’s feedback and thankyou!

I have GE/Jasco switches, dimmers, and outlets and they are working very well with the Edge drivers from @philh30.

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I have 1st Gen GE, 2nd Gen GE/Jasco, and UltraPro. I’ve moved all these over to edge and they work fine. I’ve had to replace a couple of the old 1st Gen GE switches (power issues fried them) and I went with Zooz. The adoption process with the Zooz was straight forward and they work well.


I went ahead and got Ultra Pro zwave switches and Leviton zwave dimmers

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