Zwave hose faucet timer

Is anyone working of a new Edge Driver for … Orbit Hose Faucet Timer, Model/ 27087 ?

OR… has anyone found a NEW device for use as an Outside Hose Faucet Timer, such as above ?

I have 2, 27087 Timers which still work, but only as a on/off switch device, where time auto-stops at 10 minutes.



I’m confused…

The orbit 27087 is a zigbee device, not zwave.

Are you looking for a new device? Which is Z wave? If so, we need to know which country you are in because the frequencies do vary.

Are you looking for an edge Driver for an existing orbit 27087? I know @johnconstantelo used to have some of these devices, he may be able to share what he’s doing with them if he still has them running.

For what it’s worth, which may not be much, I’ve been quite pleased with the Orbit bhyve device. It’s WiFi and you get partial integration through Alexa routines (not smartthings routines), but we’ve had ours for two years and it’s been reliable and works well. I do understand that may not be what you’re looking for, though.

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That’s my mistake… yes they are Zigbee

I looking for either an Edge Driver for the existing, OR… new devices that will work with smartthings.

I have 2 homes I use them and I’m not always there. I need to be able to remotely activate them.


RickK - USA ¶

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Hi @RickK , (thanks for tagging me @JDRoberts!)

I used to have a DTH for that device, but the timer portion of the valve never had zigbee clusters exposed (that I could see). I ended up using a setting to “spoof” the 10 minute auto timer.

I did eventually rejoin this to the hub as a Zigbee Switch driver, and then changed it to a Zigbee Valve. I’d don’t know if the mobile app will allow you do that anymore, but the new SmartThings Advanced Web App will let you change the driver to a Zigbee valve if you have the driver installed on your hub:


If you don’t have the driver, you can find it on ST’s beta channel.


There are no timer capabilities obviously, so you’d need to develop a Routine or use SharpTools, depending upon your use case.


My valve finally broke and I replaced it with a WOOX Irrigation Valve I got shipped over from the UK (not bad pricing either). It’s been working great, and all I had to do was get a little creative with the connectors to convert to US specs.

Here’s a discussion and a picture of my setup:

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