Zwave firmware update failed

any idea what could be causing this? none of my zwave devices work and zwave status is not functional.


Contact support!


Sorry that you have been experiencing this issue. Support should reach out to you shortly by end of the day and replace your hardware.

Why do we have to replace your hardware?

What is basically happening is that the module itself is having hardware issues storing the image into its memory, thus resulting in failure to update. And without a successful firmware update, the Z-Wave Radio is in an unknown state or 99% likely non functional, hence the constant loop of trying to update the module.

There have been about .01% of all the hubs or the Z-Wave radios that are having this issue, we are looking at returned hubs from the handful that have experienced this, we can then find the right approach of solving this for the handful issues.

Let me know if there is anything you would like me to do.


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Wow, that sucks.

Have fun setting up your new ST hubs from scratch, guys.

Hub backup/restore/migration would be really nice… :roll_eyes:


then i guess im one of the unhappy ppl. cant controll anything from app… but some work… my pir sensor and the light it controll… but cant add any device or controll anything “manualy” via app.

Well if you are having intermittent issues, it is not the Z-Wave Firmware Update issue reported by the original user.

Regardless, what app are you using?

Smartthings classic

Alright, would you please PM me directly and describe the problem you are having with any information about particular devices or scenario? Let me know your hub ID and I can then take a look at the logs and see what is going on. Thanks