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ZWave Dimmer for LED Bulbs

(Ford Prefect) #21

Before SmartThings, I played around with dimmers, found the Lutron dimmers to be the best at controlling LEDs, whatever brand I LEDs I use and whatever wattage, I get consistant dimming with no humming/flickering… unfortunately, they don’t seem to make anything that supports Z-Wave/Zigbee… :frowning:

(Bruce Abernethy) #22

I had a similar problem. I found a way to use standard Z-Wave dimmers for all LED lights. The only problem is that you must have at least 10 watts of incandescent lighting load on each circuit to make the units dim from 0 to 100 without flicker, etc. The incandescent light takes care of the “trickle current” problem.
There are many methods of doing this, however, most would require the services of an electrical contractor.

Z-Wave dimmers that require a neutral wire should also work. These, however, seem to be few and far between.

If you just want to use Z-Wave to turn them on & off, use an appliance module.

Every light in my house is now LED and are all on Z-Wave dimmers using Vera Z-Wave home automation.


(James) #23

I can verify that the GE 45606 / ZW3001-WCS Z-Wave Dimmer does NOT have the Neutral/White wire connection. This dimmer has Hot, Load and Ground Wires coming out the back. No screw connectors. You will have to use wire nuts with this switch. I got a smoking deal on two of these on eBay and thought what the heck. If they don’t work I will just resell them.

Personally I am going to try this anyways on our chandelier light as we have 5 LED bulbs installed.

I believe there should be enough load through the one fixture to allow the dimmer to function normally (hopefully).


I’m using GE Dimmers with Phillips LED Dimming light bulbs. No dice. They don’t dim low enough. Also, in the middle of the night the bulb randomly turns on by itself at a really low level. So weird. I think I will stick with incandescent on my dimmer switches.