Zwave devices: Alexa errors

GE Zwave Switch and Schlage Connect Sense Zwave lock
Sometimes shows on ST app as unresponsive. Then, mysteriously works.
Alexa usually can turn the switch on/off, but many times she says she can’t do it and something like check the power supply.

Had the same problem with Samsung multipurpose Switch, which is Zigbee.

Right now, everything is ok. Seems like this started back in November.

Yesterday, I did a Zwave repair, didn’t appear to do any good. Two messages, one was something about route not updated.

I am not familiar with ST at all. If someone could point me to basic and in-depth tutorials, I would really appreciate it. 6

There aren’t really any introductory tutorials, just what you find in this forum and in the community – created wiki.

In your particular case, what likely is happening is that smartthings is taking too long to send a response back to Amazon to say that it did what it was asked to. But it is doing it.

You can take a look at the “get started“ list under project reports in the community – created wiki and you’ll find a lot of informational threads, but I don’t think anything of the exact type you were looking for.

There are some very brief articles, sort of the equivalent of QuickStart guides, in the official knowledgebase, but again, not really helpful for troubleshooting:

Instead, most people just come here and post a specific question and usually somebody will come up with an answer. It’s a very active forum and a very helpful and creative community. :sunglasses:

As far as in-depth information on the Z wave error messages, see the following community FAQ (this is a clickable link)

Oh, and check the model number on your lock. Schlage makes a “connect” model line (zwave) which does work with SmartThings, and a “sense” model line (bluetooth) which does not work with SmartThings, but does work with echo. So I’m not sure which one you have.

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