Zwave Device Association not working via Hub

I have one GE zwave plus 3-speed fan control configured via group association to control 4 GE zwave (non-plus) 3-speed fans. This works great from the zwave plus wall switch but not via the hub.

Use the wall switch of the zwave plus fan to turn the fan on, off or change the speed and all 5 fans work in unison.

Use the to do the same and only the z-wave plus fan reacts.


Thanks, Glenn

That’s how Classic zwave association works. Activating manually is not the same as activating from the network.

Zwave association was intended for situations where you don’t want the hub involved. Typically to have an auxiliary switch trigger a master switch in a virtual three-way.

Why don’t you use one of the options that are provided with the software of a SmartThings account instead?

To be honest, I’m not sure if the smartlights feature will work for fans or not. You could definitely do it with webcore.

( Association changed significantly with the introduction of the wave plus, and will work differently for those devices.)

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It does! I have four ceiling fans at our second home that are cycling daily with smartlights.

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Actually I think it depends on the device firmware. I have an Inovelli z-wave plus dimmer with group associations to the fan lights. When you change the main fan light via either the wall switch or the hub, the other 4 fan lights mirror the main fan light.

What’s nice about using the associations rather than a rule or Smart Lighting is the processing is direct from switch to switch and instantaneous. Obviously, rules provide a ton more options.


Sorry for any confusion. You’re right that it does depend on the individual device, and specifically the way it worked with “classic Z wave,“ the generation before Z wave plus.

Since the first post in the thread specifically named all nonplus devices, I answered in that context. I have now edited my post to be more clear. :sunglasses: