Zwave Crashing and Rebooting

Over the last 2 weeks it seems my zwave is crashing and also rebooting. Everyday when I come home from work, my house does not work. I have to go and power cycle my hub and then everything starts working again.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

I’m familiar with something similar. A couple of questions: Do your Zigbee devices show activity? If a Zwave device is turned on or off does its state show correctly in the mobile app? The answers would apply to when things appear to not work.

Yes, my zigbee shows activity and works fine when this is happening.
No, when this happens the state in the app is generally wrong. Example, yesterday when this happend, the kitchen light was off and the app says it is on.

So, just to make sure I have, if you turn a light on manually, does it show on in the app? I know others will be out of sync.

That I don’t know. Why are you asking please explain.

I am familiar with a bug that exists and the questions are symptoms of it.

I PM’ed you.

A couple questions… How many Z-Wave devices do you have? Have you by chance checked the hub details page? I would check there first, you should see something similar to this, albeit with a difference protocol version (unless you’re participating in the beta)

State: Functional
Home ID: C775C01F
Node ID: 01
Suc ID: 01
Protocol Version: 4.54
Region: US

If you see “Non Functional” for state, that would indicate that Z-Wave is in fact crashing.

I would then have a look at the hub event logs. Look for Z-Wave Power Cycle events. If you see them that too would indicate something is wrong with Z-Wave. Be on the lookout for specific devices that are reporting as “Not Responding”. It’s possible that you have one or more Z-Wave devices that have failed and the hub is declaring Z-Wave as being failed because of those bad devices. This is especially likely if there is one or more devices in which most Z-Wave messaging passes though.

Whatever you do, DO NOT run Z-Wave repair if you see Z-Wave status as non-functional. If you see that status, please contact support as a Z-Wave repair could make things worse.

Everything shows as functional, all my zwave devices are good. At fist it was my router causing this it was crashing and causing the zwave to reboot and it would then get stuck. I have fixed the router issue, but this is a new random issue.

Seeing similar issues at the moment and every now and again the lights will show as on when they are clearly off, device such door sensors showing as offline same with motion sensors/

Getting plenty of messages saying house is disconnected and connected again.
Something isn’t right with smarthings at the moment seems to have got worse in Jan.

If it’s what I’m thinking, everything reports functional.

Are you in the Firmware Beta Jason?

Also what version is Z-Wave? You see Steve’s is 4.54. I’m assuming you are on 3.83.

If you are in the Beta, I’m sure they can push the firmware upgrade specific for Z-Wave. Or Staff can at least take a look at your Hub.

State: Functional
Home ID: ED1E823C
Node ID: 01
Suc ID: 01
Protocol Version: 3.83
Region: US

no not in the beta.

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I would reach out to Support. Not sure when they are going to release the Beta into production. It’s actually a beta within the beta. The overall firmware upgrade and then a specific upgrade for Z-Wave. I’m in the Beta on 20.15, but I am still on the current Z-Wave version as I have less Z-Wave devices so I’m only part of the main Beta.

I already contacted, they just responded after 3 days.

Ping ady. Now a member of the SmartThings staff. :smile:

See if you can get your ticket moved up the chain or if they can add you to the Beta even though it’s closed.

This problem is not fixed with that firmware upgrade.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO, BETAS!!! Never, will do that.

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Hehe. NO Betas. Look where you are now :smile:

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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FYI - Further Z-Wave upgrades going into Beta release today.

When you broke a couple of weeks back, had you added any new devices recently, or has your environment been idle for a good period of time before that? Cleaning lady or wife didn’t move the hub, or devices moved elsewhere?