Zwave Control Switch - Nobo replacement

I have a number of Nobo switches which control a fan and outside light, the swithes are no longer available so i want to replace them with a switch that can be controlled via ST.

The switches ideally want to be suitable for DIN mounting.

I am considering Fibaro SGS 213 switches (can be DIN mounted with adapter) would these be suitable? Any suggestions for alternatives would be appreciated.


I don’t know anything using WiFi that would meet the required specs (note the 16A rating in the picture). Or did you just mean the device you are replacing is WiFi?

The Fibaro model you list is zwave, not WiFi, but more importantly can only handle 8A, so I don’t think it’s a match.

If zwave is OK, Heatit has a model that looks like it might suit. It can control devices at the same specs (6 up to 16A). However, it does need a separate low voltage power supply for its radio.

It’s expensive for two important reasons:

  1. It can control up to 6 16A devices independently

  2. it’s spec’d for control of HVAC equipment (like fan motors), so it has features like galvanic separation of each switch.

But you’ll have to look further into the details. I’m not sure if it would require custom code or not.

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Thanks you for the reply, the use of wifi was probably misleading, i just meant control via Zwave/Smartthing etc.

I suspect the existing 16A switches are overrated, one has a small extractor fan and the other a couple of lights. I will check the current before any install.

The Heatit switch you suggested may be a good alternative as ultimatly i have 5 switches to replace which would cost in the region of £400 (5 Fibaro swithes with Din adapters), so the Heatit option at £200 is a good alternative.

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