Zwave control of a car keyfob's lock/unlock buttons?

Hi folks - do folks know whether it would be possible to use a zwave switch/relay to control a car keyfob to replace the keyfob button-controlled lock and unlock functions?

I was thinking about dismantling the keyfob and - assuming it’s possible - bypassing the keyfob lock / unlock manual buttons and wiring it to a device to control the keyfob via zwave.

Does such an application seem feasible? Being that the keyfob has separate lock and unlock buttons - which I assume are momentary - would a zwave relay/switch support both functions? This is a picture of the keyfob dismanted (Toyota 2016 Highlander):

And assembled:

Do folks know what zwave devices might work for this application? I was looking at the FortrezZ MIMO2+ (

It would probably be easier to just use a robot button pusher. Switchbot has an official smartthings integration. :sunglasses:

You would need two switchbots and their hub for the integration, but it would be fast, easy, and Wouldn’t damage the key fob in case you ever wanted to use it again.

2019 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or new V3 app

Thanks that looks like a great idea, and I won’t need to disassemble the key fob. Now if only Amazon had it available:

Amazon only has the hub available.

Does anyone happen to know of a US distributor? If not I’ll order the switchbot from them in Japan.

The manufacturer has a US site. I don’t know where the products ship from. You might ask them if they expect to get more stock to Amazon soon.

Thanks - that’s just what I’ve done!

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@JDRoberts - behold. Thanks for your advice…it works perfectly!

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