Zwave assoication/ Who uses it? on/off dimming?

This is the first time I have created a poll with this software. Not sure if this is correct.

Am I the only person who uses zwave association for 3 way dimming control of lighting?

    • I do NOT use zwave assoication
    • I use zwave association
    • I use zwave assoication for 3 way lighting
    • I use zwave association for dimming control of 3 way lighting

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I guess I should add, if you use zwave association, what do you use it for?

At least one other person has voted that they do use zwave association but not for 3 way lighting.

Several of the wallmount scene controllers use association, as do some of the handheld remote like the Fibaro button. So those are popular uses.

I use it with Cooper RFWC5 to control relays in a Vent Fan Heater in my bathroom. Adding relays to vent/fan/heater unit and the vanity light I can control everything in the bathroom without pulling new wire (only had one switched wire to the unit).

I use zwave association for this type of functionality so that it will continue to work if the ST hub or internet goes down. Any time I have a permanent fixture I want to be able to control it without the hub. I may also do automations with the hub but at least the basic functionality is there with the zwave association.

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yes I agree. While I have some advanced automations, hardwired things should just work.