Zwave 3way dimmer and use existing remote on ceiling fan light combo

Is it possible to install a ge zwave 3way dimmer switch to control light but still use existing remote control to control lights and fan? This may have already been asked elsewhere but im having trouble finding it. Thanks

What is the second remote you talk about? RF? If so, no. You can’t have two independant dimmers controlling the same light.

Thank you for your response. Yes an RF remote. What if i didnt care about dimming the light? Just turning it on and off and controlling the fan via remote?

You can wire the fan up to one controller and the light up to another. There are usually 3 wires coming off of your fan/light. White - the common neutral for everything, black - hot for the fan and blue - hot for the light. So, you could wire different controls up to the fan and the light, it just makes things more complicated.

Thank you very much for that info