ZW37 Inovelli

Hi I want to know if the ZW37 Inovelli can work as repeater?

It should, it’s a certified Z wave devices that is a “routing slave” which is what a repeater is.

Pretty much any mains-powered certified zwave device should act as a repeater except for a few safety sensors like some smoke sensors.


I need to do anything? or just paring so ZW37 start to work as a repeater.

Once it’s successfully paired to the network, it will automatically act as a repeater.

That said, this is a multi channel device and it may need a custom device type handler. @Eric_Inovelli should know. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for tagging me @JDRoberts :slight_smile:

@emersonvier – Great news, it will automatically act as a repeater once included in your network.

Even better news, no customer handlers needed, we were able to get SmartThings to publish our handler, so it should have picked it up once you paired. To confirm this, you should see your main switch on the, “My Home” tab and Channel 1 & Channel 2 on the secondary tab once you click on the main switch.

Hope this helps!