Zuli SmartPlug takes a shot at SmartThings

Well SmartThings… apparently you’ve arrived, because the competition is now taking shots at you! :slight_smile:

If you watch the intro video they talk about how easy Zuli will be and how others systems are so complicated and require Hubs, routers, and WiFi settings… just to set them up! (Which isn’t 100% accurate, but whatever.) You’ll see a number of SmartThings devices make cameo appearances around the 35-40 second mark.

Zuli looks like it uses BLE to triangulate your location, using your cell phone as the tag of where you are, and then turns on/off things accordingly. It’s an interesting concept, but… I don’t usually carry my cell phone around with my when I’m in my house. At least half the time I’m home it’s sitting on a charger in my den. Plus, my wife and kids don’t have cell phones, they certainly aren’t going to carry a tablet around with them when they go to a different room.

I’d also add that while it may be simpler to setup, it also is far less powerful. You can setup schedules for your switches, but it doesn’t look like you can access them if you’re not in BT range. Also it doesn’t have access to z-wave devices, just the BT plug-in adapters. If the ONLY think you plan on doing with a “smart house” setup is turning on/off a few plug in lights AND everyone in your family has a cellphone they carry with them 100% of the time, then this might be a good setup. Otherwise I think it’s just going to be way too limited for people.

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