ZSE33 Chime Edge Driver?

Any chance the ZSE33 driver chime is being developed? I wish I knew anything about these. I’m a developer and would just write it if I knew how. It works like a light, using the dimming function for the different chimes. 10% is one sound, 20% is another, etc… If I even had that functionality, I’d be thrilled. My entire home security setup is based on this one chime.

I think you mean the ZSE33. The ZSE33 was replaced by the ZSE19, which Kevin notes here as to its status with getting a custom driver.

The ZSE33 is listed as a supported device under Hubitat, if you consider going that route.

Unfortunately, it really doesn’t work well with Smarthings. It does technically have a on / off function but it is limited to just the one sound. I need it to be able to use the other sounds as well. Any way to duplicate and modify the driver to add functionality?

Right now, it’s listen as a Smarthings switch. Don’t suppose there is any nice easy way to change that to a dimmer plug? That would give me enough of the functionality I need.