ZRTSI Integration into SmartThings as Dimmers: Shades won't Stop at 50%, Only 100 or 0

I have installed the ZRTSI and it has been integrated into my ST hub as dimmer switches. I was hoping that because it is a dimmer, it can technically stop anywhere between 0 and 100, however, it only does open or close and nothing in between. How do I change this such that if I have a scene that requires the shades to be open 10%, that only 10% is opened and not 100%.

the ZRTSII can only go to open, close and preset positions.

So while there is a dimmer device, you are forced into on, off, or 50% (meaning preset).

You have to have preset programmed into your shades in and the location of preset is how the shades were programmed (mine were 1/2 open), but this can be adjusted using your tells remote.

So ZRTS II is “basic”…

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Thank you. Once the favorite is programmed using the Tells remote, how does that favorite get executed in ST?