Zooz ZWave Plus Smart Chime with Alarm Siren ZSE33

I recently ran across the Zooz ZWave Plus Smart Chime with Alarm Siren ZSE33 and was wondering if any has attempted or is working on integrating this with Smartthings. I like according to the description that this unit is cabaple of ten different tones that are dependent on the event.

Any thoughts on this as I am debating buying for the price but I am not able to program yet(trying to learn)


They have a link to the Device Type Handler (DTH) for it on that page you linked. Scroll down on the page until you see the “Works With” section and look for SmartThings. I’m adding the link to the DTH also.

It’s from @krlaframboise of course.


Awesome thanks i cant believe i missed that

Thanks for pointing that out, I wasn’t aware the product was out yet so I hadn’t created a topic yet. There’s an issue with the status occasionally sticking on playing, but I"ll fix that in the next version.


Have this installed and works like a charm as a chime for doors! Excellent and can be use for windows also. Read for a while how everyone was looking for a door chime - this is the answer and works great with options for different sounds.

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Can you update on how it is going with this device? How is the battery life holding up? Would you still recommend?

Has been working perfectly since installing and I have 3 kids so they are always opening front/rear/basement door several times a day. Answered my quest to find a good simple door chime. Battery is showing 94% with heavy use so battery life looks like it will be good. Easy connection and z-wave plus speed is good.

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How were you able to use a different chimes for doors and windows? I have the device handler installed and working but I can only chime the tone I set it to in the handler.

I just have the one chime for all doors and windows when they open. I don’t think you can set a different sound for each individual door or window. I just needed a chime so I know when a door was opened so did not have need for different tones.

I have the device added, thank you. But how do you configure it to chime when the doors are opened?


Go here to get current handler:

And here for instructions on how to use:

Go to Zooz ZWave Plus Smart Chime with Alarm Siren ZSE33


Here is the correct link for the code and instructions:

I’m somewhat new to the Smartthings thing but got this to work well as a door chime. When I try to use a different sound/volume for the siren, it does not work correctly. I will get maybe 1 second of loud siren then it immediately switches back to the normal door chime sound for a few seconds then shuts off. This is worthless as and intrusion siren this way.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

What Smart App ate you using to play the alarm and are you selecting the device as an alarm?

What SmartApp are you using to play the chime and are you sure those SmartApps aren’t trying to play a sound at the same time?

I’m using Smart Home Monitor. I believe you may be correct since I setup a custom rule to make the doors chime.

This is where it gets tricky for me. What what I do to turn off the door chime when the system is armed? In theory this should make the siren sound correctly when a breach is detected.

If you change the mode when you change the Smart Home Monitor armed state you can use the mode to prevent the chime from playing when the system is armed.

I guess I’m not sure what you mean by change the mode. As far as I know since I set up the chime rule in the smart home monitor, it works regardless of mode. Maybe I’m missing something here?

You said you wanted to “turn off the door chime when the system is armed”.

You can set the condition “only when mode is” in most SmartApps including Smart Home Monitor, but in order for that to work you have to change the mode every time you change the Smart Home Monitor status.

Using a routine to arm/disarm smart home monitor is the easiest way to change that status and the mode at the same time.

Thanks. I had missed the mode option in the home monitor rules. I ended up creating rules in rule machine that worked. I was ignoring the mode and trying to make things happen just on the alarm side. I’ve revamped everything now based on your mode comment and got everything running smoothly. Thanks for the help.