Zooz ZSE40 4-1 Motion Sensor and other Zooz devices (ZSE01, ZSE02)

Hi @eibyer, the sensor will report temperature and humidity first once fully configured, then it will report any changes over 1 degree for temperature and 10% for humidity by default unless you’ve adjusted these values in parameter settings. Both temperature and humidity are reported independently from motion reports.

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Same problem here, which is one reason I lost interest in temperature adjustment. Sending my unit back in favor of a monoprice, every other motion or multisensor I purchased months before the zooz is holding at 90-100% battery life.

Nice concept, pretty packaging, poor execution.

I’ve had this same issue ever since I got mine. At first I thought it was a communication delay or maybe a CoRE delay, but I realized that the LED was even blinking long after I should have triggered the motion sensor. It seems like these sensors just take a really long time to wake up and send the motion event :frowning:.

Thank you for your great code Robert. I was wondering if we can set the motion sensor to trigger immediately to use in automation or to turn on light when someone walk by?
In your smartapp we can only set it between 1-7 minutes, how to set it to trigger with only 1 second if it possible?

The setting is for triggering the motion clearing event when the sensor detects no motion. The idea is you have it for a little bit before sending the motion clear. If you are using it to trigger a light coming on if you’re in a room if you stay still you don’t want the lights coming off right away. What people are talking about motion sensors being slow is smart things being slow. I use the CRAP out of SmartThings and Amazon Echo and there are times of day that requests are really slow. One time it took 3 minutes for my door unlock request to process. And yes I just stood outside waiting just to see. Motion is victim to the same problems. The sensors trigger within about a second or two. Depends on how sensitive you have them set.

I have this set up in my garage with the device handler in this thread but the app keeps showing motion, it never clears. Any way to get this fixed? I know there’s no motion and I set the sensitivity to 7 to try and get it to stop reporting motion

Well after the fourth excluding and subsequent inclusion, it now works.

Could I get a little help? I have mine connected but it says there is motion constantly. The disabled tile doesn’t change and I get no battery level. Also is it normal that the green light turnswitch off when you put in batteries?

I seem to be having some trouble. Idk if I set it up correctly. I added the DH for the zse02 and changed it in the ide but it constantly shows motion, no battery level and there is a tile that constantly says disabled. A weird thing is when I put in the last battery the green light turns off. Not sure if that’s normal.
Update: after deleting and adding a few times it now is working.

Hi Jordon, for the ZSE02, one thing to remember is that you need to have the Z-Wave button pressed-in (locked) for motion detection to be enabled. It looks like you left it at locked the last time you included it so that must have done the trick. Feel free to contact our customer support with any additional questions: http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/pages/contact-us

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@Robert_Vandervoort, I’ve got a strange situation I hope you can help with. I am trying to add your repo under GitHub integration. I’ve added the owner, namespace and branch info, but when I go to “Update from Repo” and select yours, I don’t see any DTHs at all - nothing on the GitHub, nothing local. Any idea why that might be?

I’ve been able to add other repos successfully and pull down DTHs.


I have one repo and all handlers are just in folders. That’s why it doesn’t
like it. One day I will make separate repositories but it’s a bunch of work
and I lose my history.

I don’t update them often and always release a new version when I do with
release notes in the commit.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I can’t even do it myself because I have to
give Samsung permissions to view my private corporate repos as well and I
can’t allow that.

Thanks for the detailed answer and for your work to further the ST community.

@TheSmartestHouse, @erocm1231, @krlaframboise,

Hey there, I recently installed the Zooz 4-in-1 multi sensor in one of the bedrooms in our house. It seems to be reporting back all values reasonably.

The only issue I have is a small but significant one: so far I have been unable to set the LED to “off.” I’ve set parameter 7 to mode 1 using two different recommended DTHs, but regardless, the LED continues to blink for both motion and temp events. I’ve definitely waited past the Wake Up period for the setting to take effect, and @erocm1231’s handler reports “update needed” as no. Any help is certainly appreciated.

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Have you tried clicking on the Z-Wave button with a paperclip to wake the sensor manually?

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I will definitely try manually waking the sensor later today and will report back. Thanks.

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I tried waking up with the sensor manually by clicking the Z Wave button. Unfortunately, there has been no change. LED still flashes for motion and temp. Any further suggestions?

Can you send a screenshot of the settings to our support team so they can initiate troubleshooting?

Just to be clear, you used the paper clip to push in the hidden button on the bottom of the device, right?

If you’re using my DTH, I recommend saving the settings screen again and then use the paper clip to wake it up. It doesn’t always wake up the first time you try, but if the “Settings Updated” tile changes, you’ll know that it successfully sent the changes to the device. (it may take up to 30 seconds).

Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin. The second time using the paper clip to wake the device worked. Before that, I wasn’t seeing any status on the update title using your DTH. Now, I see a date and time. Thanks again!

The only challenge now is that I’d like to switch to a DTH that returns illuminance values in lux, however, I’d rather not have to go through the same process again to get the device synced (silly, I know). I saw on github you were thinking of adding a lux reporting option. Is that work still in progress?