Zooz ZEN26 not completely turning off LEDs

I just installed my 10th and 11th Zooz ZEN26 switches and thought all was well.

One of the switches operates two wall sconces that each have two 6W Kodak LED bulbs. The bulbs are not turning completely off. Note that the ZEN26 is a switch, not a dimmer.

I suspect I’ve got bulbs that are too sensitive to low current levels and that the ZEN26 leaks current every when off.

Can someone recommend a Z-wave switch that completely disconnects when off?

I haven’t yet double-checked connections or opened a case with @thesmartesthouse but will do those today. I did turn up a recent long thread on the Hubitat forums with similar symptoms. Response from Zooz support for that situation was to change the bulbs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Installation details:

The switches are in a 3-gang box that has lights for two different circuits. The ZEN26 switches are single-pole switches for lights which are both on the same circuit. To reduce clutter, I daisy-chained the hot and neutral for them.

The third switch in the box is currently dumb and is the load side of a 3-way dimmer.

Any of the Jasco OEM’d switches (GE, Honeywell) actually use a relay for on/off switches and the only ones I use when I need true off like when heaters and motors are involved. A lot of people don’t like them because of the audible click and you can’t dim them, but Should fit your bill.


The ZEN26 is supposedly a relay switch as well and clicks when operated. So kind of surprised there’s leakage.

The ZEN26 actually uses a double relay and relies on the current readings to change state so that’s why some bulbs react this way. If they’re single pole, we can replace them with the ZEN21 which will resolve this issue.


Thanks. The problem switch is single pole.

I’ve opened a case, #ZOO00029793

Will follow up there

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That should be a straightforward replacement then. They’ll have it resolved for you right away.

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I’ve replaced the Zooz ZEN26 with a GE/Jasco Enbrighten 2nd generation switch. Dim bulb problem solved. Wanted to get this sorted before company shows up for Thanksgiving.

I have plenty of other spots where I’ll use the Zooz switch.