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Zooz Zen21 Switch v3


(Don Caruana) #1

Here’s the handler for the new version 3 Zen 21 paddle switch from @TheSmartestHouse, which you can read more about here:

The code is here…

Update: Fixed the paddle control and added association

(Jimmy) #2

What does “turn switch on/off with any paddle” mean?


That means the light will change status no matter which paddle you press. So if light is off, it will turn on with either upper or lower paddle, and when it’s on, it will turn off with either paddle as well. This feature was recently requested by a few users so we added it to the latest firmware.

(Don Caruana) #4

Darn it! I missed that “any paddle” thing! I’ll be making an update for that later! Sorry about that folks!

(Don Caruana) #5

@prjct92eh2, @TheSmartestHouse

DTH updated for the paddle control and also added association. Frankly I’d never used association before and I know there are other ways of doing it, but I have to admit, it is kinda cool. :slight_smile:

@nuttytree - Special thanks for your work in putting association into your GE handler. I ripped off your work for the most part. Imitation and flattery and all that… :smiley: