Zooz Zen20 (zen 20) power strip, clicking on/off rapidly- now it's dead, luckily nothing expensive connected

Hello, looking for fellow owners who have a Zen 20 ver 2.0. Mine sat mostly unused for about 2 years, then a few months ago it started rapidly turning on/off by itself, then would stop the rapid cycle. Tried excluding, including even swapping between ST and HE, in the moments it would cooperate, same behavior. Finally it just totally failed yesterday, it was clicking on/off so rapidly I thought it might heatup and start a fire.
As I said mostly unused outside of powering a small LED controller. Strip never made it to its final destination, entertainment center, but good thing, no telling what that rapid cycling would do any attached equipment, albeit expensive 4k TV’s, audio equipment, etc.

Anyone else experience this failure? I feel it’s a defect, especially with a barely used strip

PS- Zooz said “too bad” out of warranty. Not much support for a extremely expensive strip. Of course they asked me if I plugged in an Arc Welder or 60,000 BTU A/C !

Too bad there’s not a good selection of z-wave power strips. I have an old greenwave strip that’s happily chugging along, with every single outlet filled, but it’s not z-wave+

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