Zooz ZEN16 & "Try Me" Buttons

I bought a 6 pack of skeletons with LED light up eyes from Home Depot. They all came with these “Try Me” buttons wired to the back of their head that, when you push the buttons, they eyes light up. Of course, there’s an on off switch that I can use, too. Obviously, I don’t want to go out every evening and turn on the eyes of 6 skeletons, so I was thinking there’s got to be a way to use the “Try Me” button port to wire in something that will turn the eyes on and off.

The button is just two wires connected to a battery, push the button, the circuit is complete, they eyes light up.

So, my thought was to get the Zooz ZEN16, run a bit of speaker wire across the yard and then I can automate the on/off or even connect it to another sensor for a trigger if I decide to get involved with that.

My question for everyone is - will this work? Is the ZEN16 the right device for this, or is there something better out there? I haven’t done something like this before, but it seems like something that should be straight forward enough. I’m open to ideas.


It sounds like it should work. You have 3 relays that would work like the push buttons. Using the settings you can program the relays to reopen after as little as 1 sec. or what ever greater time you want.

I have one I use on my garage doors. Works great for a closure.

Be sure and use the correct 1A power supply if using USB to power.

Edit: added additional information