Zooz zen07 plug - kWh reset and stopped reporting 2 days ago

I’m using several of these zooz zen07 mini plugs to report energy consumption and costs to myself in a daily / weekly email from webCoRE. 2 days ago, I saw that my desktop PC mini plug was reporting a negative value for energy used, and saw that the energy value reported in ST showed that it had changed from 160.21 kWh to 0.64 kWh, with no reset or other change.

Then, afterwards, it has not updated the energy value since! And I was doing about an hour of raw photo editing last night, so I know it used some juice.

Any ideas why it would suddenly reset and stop reporting energy usage?

Found my particular issue while I was live logging… Self-inflicted! I was updating the device handler to drop the huge spike values that would periodically come up, and when I got the low value, it was tripping my >10x prior value logic… I’m reworking this now and can hopefully get to a workable state with this!