Zooz Zen 15 with Angled AC Plug Coming in May

Hi guys. For those interested. I wrote to Zooz and asked if they were ever going to offer the (great) Zen 15 with an angled power plug. They wrote back today (less than 24 hours and on a weekend…love that) and said they expect it to be released mid May this year. Not a huge deal to many, but I remember a lot of people wanted and/or needed that option.

Thanks for reaching out, and for your helpful feedback. 

We should have an angled version of the Zen15 around mid-May. I'll be happy to reach out to you as soon as the product is ready. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions; I'll be happy to help. 



Support Team


That’s cool. I thought I had read they had no plans to do that. I guess they changed.

I bought a Zen 15 about a week ago and hooked it to my 1950s Westinghouse refrigerator - the kind with the door you can’t open from the inside. At startup it draws over 500 watts, and tapers off to about 200 watts running. It is only off for about 5 minutes before the compressor kicks back on. It runs for about 15 minutes before it shuts off.

I should be able to lower my power bill by replacing it with a newer model. Without the Zen15, I would have probably kept this refrigerator until it or me quit running.

Thank you, rudyinDana. Without your post I would have never known about the Zen15.

II am going to miss it because it does keep beer much colder than our newer refrigerator.


Glad you found it and it helped, but there were plenty of people here using it before I ever heard of it. Sometimes it’s good when these older threads resurface. They’ve helped me a lot! Happy savings to you!

The angled version is available now. I ordered it a few minutes ago

Zooz Zen15 Angled Version