Zooz switch Exclusion not working

I am trying to remove my Zen24 switches. I have tried over and over with no luck. What is my next step?

Can you explain what steps you’ve tried so we can give you new ideas? You should just be able to put your hub in exclusion mode (I recommend doing this in IDE) then toggling the switch down 3 times quickly. You can also try a force remove in the classic app.

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I have placed the hub in exclusion mode with the new app (I have also tried with the old app). Then did 3 down taps of the toggle. I have not been in IDE. I want to reuse these switches, so I need them removed. I found Zooz had a custom handler for them with more features I want to use.

You can just install the DTH then change the device type of your switch.

how do i do that?

Edit: I figured it out.