Zooz smart toggle switch/dimmer ZEN23 does't shut all the way off?

I added two ZEN23 dimmers to my house - to control the porch light and the back yard light. I made sure to have dimmable LED’s in the respective fixtures. The switches work, and I have them on a timer (go on at sunset, off at sunrise). The problem is that the lights are slightly on all day (when they’re supposed to be off). They’re just barely on, maybe 10% or so. The only way to get them all the way off is to stop using the automated features Help!!!

Zen23 says it’s a switch not dimmer. Zen24 says dimmer. So not sure what you actually have.

The bulbs load may be too low for the switch, or your wiring is not compatible. Zen says “most” bulbs work. I guess they don’t all work.

So as workaround you could use an incandescent, or ignore it. If it’s dim all the time, guessing 1 watt, 24 hours a day, 10cents per KW, costing about $1/year, probably less. Even with the incandescent, the switch will probably leak the same dim power, you just wouldn’t see it at the bulb

Maybe other LED bulbs would work differently. Maybe even Zen23 would actually work better.

And apparantly I switched it up. I just took the wall plate off the
switch. They’re the Zen24. Amazon said Zen23 dimmer, but stamped right on
the front is Zen24. Back to square 1.

Yeah, I was noticing the same thing. I bought it via Amazon, and the
description said dimmer, so I didn’t even bother to check again. It’s
definitely the Zen23. I’ll try switching the bulbs out to non-dimmable.

Hi Andrea,

We just saw this and wanted to let you know that if Amazon messed up your delivery (sent on/off instead of dimmer switch), just send us your order number and we’ll replace the switch for you: https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/pages/contact-us

Hi, thanks! They didn’t mess up the delivery, I confused myself with
model numbers etc. The page said the non dimmer switch, but I double
checked on the unit itself - it’s the “24” model. It’s driving me crazy
though because it won’t turn the light all the way off - it stays barely
lit all day and night… Any thoughts?


If it says ZEN24 on the back of the switch, then it’s definitely a dimmer. Can you let us know the brand of the bulbs you’re using? How many of them is the switch controlling?

They are Feit electric, only one bulb per dimmer. And definitely dimmable

If it’s only one bulb, the load may not be enough as most Z-Wave switches require at least 15Watts on load. It may also be an incompatibility issue with the bulb. We haven’t tested that particular brand yet. There will be a new version of the dimmers released in 2-3 weeks with greater LED compatibility so it may possible solve your issue. But as mentioned before, we strongly recommend installing a new bulb with at least 15Watt rating.

Please contact our customer support if you’d like to have the dimmer replaced with the new version.