Zooz S2 setup freezes

I’ve had the experience with multiple Zooz devices where when I include them in my V2 Hub with the latest version of the Android app, the S2 secure setup process just hangs. I’ve tried using the QR code and PIN code entry, and the same thing typically happens. I haven’t seen this issue reported, so I’m wondering if it’s just my hardware.

Have tried do the pairing close to your hub? It may help.

I haven’t because this is typically for light switches.

Get a long ethernet cable so you can move the hub, or temporarily move the switch.

I’ll try that next time. But after being set up, everything works well with the devices, so I don’t think it’s a matter of range. I can’t tell whether the S2 setup is actually succeeding but the UI just keeps freezing, or what. I’ve got a couple dozen more switches to install, so I ideally want to avoid dragging my hub all around my house.

For you new uninstalled units make up a test rig, so you can pair them next to the hub before you install them.

Do you know of a good device for this? I’m imagining something that plugs into an outlet, has a switch and a very clear display that it’s on, and connectors for wires.

But really, I’m just curious whether this is a problem other folks have seen. It seems like something is buggy with something in my setup.

I have the same problem with two Zooz dimmers any time that I have had to include them I have to remove them from the box leaving the wiring connected and then they connect with S2 normally. The are not the furthest from the hub but they do have more walls between them and the hub than any others in the house.

I just use an old cord I cut off of something I threw out and plastic junction box. Once it is wired up I plug it into an outlet and pair it. Plastic box is about $1, old cord is free.

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Just as an update here, I’m finding I have better success doing Add Device → Scan QR code. It seems to prime the hub for the security, and then when it gets to the screen where it tells me to follow the device instructions, I do whatever I’m supposed to do for device inclusion and then usually it eventually pops up. I can only speculate on why this works more reliably.

This is as opposed to using Scan Nearby, putting the device into pairing mode, and then attempting to have it set up S2, either with the QR code or the 5-digit number.

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