Zooz S2 Motion Sensor ZSE18 issue when USB-powered

My Smarthings motion sensor (battery powered) in the kitchen was the busiest in my house -no surprise- and replacing the battery every 5-6 months was becoming a nuisance so I replaced it with a Zooz ZSE18 USB powered. I took the battery out and just plugged the cord. The motion sensor itself works well, I have no complains, fast and sensitive enough. The problem is that every few days i get a notification on my phone that the sensor battery is 1%. Clearly the sensor is fine and getting power from the USB plug but somehow ST doesn’t know that. Anybody had this problem??

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If you connected the sensor on battery, the hub will treat it as a battery device, so please exclude it and follow the instructions here to include it again as a USB device. Let us know if that helped!


Thanks for your prompt reply. I excluded the sensor and re-included it without the battery, only USB cable but still shows only 1% battery left. See pic…

Maybe I need to factory reset the sensor (?)

Are you using the custom device handler with it? If not, adding the handler and re-including it again may help here.

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Updated the device handler from 1.05 to 1.06, ex/re-included it but still only 1% battery. Maybe it will stop sending me notifications if I just leave a battery inside, assuming it will draw power from the USB cable and not drain the battery.

Ok. Tried again but this time using the ST classic app and now it is showing as USB powered on the classic app and 0% battery on the new ST app. I wonder if I will still get notifications from the new app only (I used to get notifications of low battery from both apps)… we’ll see. See attached pics.

This looks like a new app quirk then. Let us know if you’re still getting notifications now!

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Put the following on line 148 and then open the device in the classic mobile app and save the settings:

sendEvent(getEventMap("battery", 100, "%"))

The classic app might always show the battery at 100%, but at least you’ll stop getting low battery warnings…


That line 148 edit worked! I think you meant the new app not the classic one. Hopefully that will stop the notifications. Thank you.
See pic

I meant the classic app. The new app always shows the battery level, but my handler usually shows a USB icon in the classic app and it most likely won’t after making that change.

Ok I see. The USB icon is still there in the classic app. The new app now shows 100% battery.

Does it disappear after saving a 2nd time?

I saved again and re-published. Still shows the USB icon.

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