Zooz plug not showing amps/watts?

I bought a Zen15 plug so I can trigger from power levels,
installed the DTH, and got it loaded in ST. It shows amps, and watts, but doesn’t seem to register the readings. Always at zero, and grayed. I have all intervals set to 5 seconds. Voltage reads fine, as we as on/off. Any ideas?

Setting the reporting intervals that low can cause performance and reliability issues with your z-wave mesh…

Which device type handler are you using?

Changed everything back to 5 mins. I am using this handler:

I need to see some live logging data to determine if the data isn’t being displayed by the mobile app or if the device isn’t sending the reports.

  • Remove // from the log.trace line at the bottom of the code and then save and publish.

  • Open Live Logging in the IDE

  • Plug something into it that doesn’t use a consistent amount of power, if possible. If not then turn the switch off for about 15 seconds and then turn it back on.

  • Leave live logging open for about 30 minutes, click the device name so that only that device’s events are displayed, and then post them by copying and pasting.

Got it working. Helps when you plug the correct appliance into it.:roll_eyes:. Thank you for your help. Can report that the DTH works 100% with the new ST app.

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