Zooz New Deals

New deals for Zooz lighting switches/dimmers zooz sale

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Is anyone ever going to make a real fan/light combo switch? :frowning:

Define real.

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Inovelli has one in pre-order.

I think this actually will be hard to do considering all the available manufacturers, fan/light type combos, and controller possibilities. Zooz and Inovelli each have their own use case, with Zooz (in my opinion) maybe fitting the bill for most with just the basics (no speed control, reversing, etc).

What really should be happening should be the fan manufacturers building this into their products from the beginning, which I believe Hampton Bay has tried. Their challenge, as will be any manufacturer, will be which hub and/or voice controller do you develop for? How do you maintain that with changes going on (like the ST app)? If home automation control isn’t a competency where they can design this into their products, we consumers will left with picking devices like GE, Zoooz, Inovelli, and I’m sure others as time goes on.

Damn these guys. Trying to get me to spend money when I shouldn’t be. Ok maybe just one zen22 wouldn’t hurt


wish they would apply these sales at amazon also. even if at 15% off to make up their amazon fees.