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Zone motion manager--code no longer works?

(Omojo) #1

Hi, does anyone know how I can get the zone motion mamager? Can’t seem to find how. Thanks

(Ron Talley) #2

(Omojo) #3

Hi,thanks but this doesn’t work. Tried already

(Omojo) #4

I get a “this is not the page you are looking for” message

(Arn B) #5

Go to
in the search field enter Zone Motion Manager
click enter key

(Bryan) #6

That page loads fine for me.

The url is:
https:// Smart Zone motion detector (Zone Motion Manager) 2.1.0 release

Take the spaces out between the // and community and copy paste into the address bar to see if it works that way…

(jkp) #7

@Bry He was referring to the github link found in the thread.

(Omojo) #8

Exactly, the github link in the thread, it doesn’t work

(Bryan) #9

Doh!!! Haven’t had coffee yet!!!

(Omojo) #11

Thanks a lot

(Jarrett Campbell) #12

For what it’s worth, I moved on from my updates to Mike’s original code (mentioned above) and have just implemented the logic I needed in WebCoRE, which was fantastically easy with no need to maintain the separate smartapp.

(Ron Talley) #13


I was using a simulated motion and webCoRE for Zoning motion sensors but now that I think about it, shouldn’t even need the simulated motion because I can just setup a variable in webCoRE…

Care to share one of your Pistons?

(Jarrett Campbell) #14

I just approached it very simply like this. I have 3 motion sensors in our Family Room, if any one trips, lights come on. If all stay quiet for 10 minutes, lights go off The switch in the conditional is a virtual switch I call “Disable Automation”. If it’s on, no automation takes place in either direction.

(Ron Talley) #15

This is an example of what I’ve been using. Again, I created a Simulated Motion and I use that for all the other automations in that room.


I heard from Mike, he’s no longer supporting his code for the SmartThings platform. But as others have said, you can accomplish pretty much the same thing by using webcore. :sunglasses: